What Made You Say You Love Me?

What made you say you love me? Should there be reasons why? More than once we were happy, Numb from all woes and cry.   What made you say you love me? Hearts torn apart, you left. Your vows seemed lies, I now see. Words once there, I'm bereft.   What made you say you … Continue reading What Made You Say You Love Me?


TOP 10 REASONS WHY MY EX AND WHYS IS A MUST-WATCH MOVIE by The Blue Fiddler and Nothingholds

Photo source: starcinema2.abs-cbn.com #ONE: You’ll see a different and more mature LizQuen True to what Direk Cathy said, Quen is indeed in his simplest form in My Ex and Whys. His acting is so subtle here, so far removed from the Enrique Gil we see offcam and even his other roles, and it is this very … Continue reading TOP 10 REASONS WHY MY EX AND WHYS IS A MUST-WATCH MOVIE by The Blue Fiddler and Nothingholds

Forget Forgetting

Forgetting memories is like sailing the ocean and forgetting how to read the stars. You know they're always up there; You know that they're constant, but clouds sometimes hide them away and our eyes can grow weary and our prospects turn blurry— leading our ship astray. No matter the season, No matter the reason, there's … Continue reading Forget Forgetting


While others are yet dreaming of doing something they want, I'm already busy doing the things I dream and want— writing and thinking; believing and doing; enhancing my skills, my being; sharing to others my heart; not expecting; my talents, my time; a blessing. While we can't assume what we are to others, We can … Continue reading Deliver


I'm writing your music blue; That's what I hear from you— Your mellow tunes Inside your room Resound so loud with gloom.   We used to sing together; Didn't matter the despair— You'd strum your song, I'd sing along; The world we used to share.   Now, you seem to own the world; You wouldn't … Continue reading So-La-Ti-Blue

The World’s Finest

The world's finest—who can deny? He's got his heart set to the extra mile; a heart of gold that ever gives; a heart that's willing to forgive. The world's finest—who can refuse? He's got the treasures the world needs to use; treasures of faith and love and care; treasures e'er far beyond compare. Oh! The … Continue reading The World’s Finest

Lovers’ Waltz

Moonlight Upon a starry sky. You came to me with dazzling smile. While all around us held their sway, You came to me with sweet display Of words and rhythm with timely moves. Our hearts in harmony with the tune of love. E'er to the right or left we go; Or onwards, backwards—however we turn, … Continue reading Lovers’ Waltz