Ang Pagbibigay Direksyon ni Timon (The Song’s Backstory)

  Dolce Amore was undeniably a top-rating teleserye that captured millions of hearts worldwide, and created a huge impact to its viewers. Part of the ripple effect the show made was the inspiration it brought to many as it drew out the creativity in them. Sketches were exceptionally drawn, songs were wonderfully composed, poems and … Continue reading Ang Pagbibigay Direksyon ni Timon (The Song’s Backstory)


TBF Series: A Dreamer’s Journey Begins

“When somebody asks you who your teacher is, don’t tell them it’s me.” Apparently, he was not proud of me. He was dissatisfied with my playing. I was a shame and disgrace. Hearing those words from someone I looked up to, I froze for a moment and stared blankly into space. I was not able … Continue reading TBF Series: A Dreamer’s Journey Begins


I'm writing your music blue; That's what I hear from you— Your mellow tunes Inside your room Resound so loud with gloom.   We used to sing together; Didn't matter the despair— You'd strum your song, I'd sing along; The world we used to share.   Now, you seem to own the world; You wouldn't … Continue reading So-La-Ti-Blue

Lovers’ Waltz

Moonlight Upon a starry sky. You came to me with dazzling smile. While all around us held their sway, You came to me with sweet display Of words and rhythm with timely moves. Our hearts in harmony with the tune of love. E'er to the right or left we go; Or onwards, backwards—however we turn, … Continue reading Lovers’ Waltz

The Way to You

I told You that I trust You No matter come what may. I knew it won't be easy Before the light of day. Still, I chose to trust You Because You are the way.   The way to You, Jesus—Son of God, My true Best Friend, dearly Loved— Is knowing You more each day; I'm … Continue reading The Way to You

Love Song

There's a song that flows in the river of love— A song I can't fully express. It captures my heart, my soul, my mind; Yes, it's more than the sweetest caress. No flaming arrows or loud roaring tides Can vanquish this song that's in me. Oh, wherever it takes me night or day, It offers … Continue reading Love Song