How do you silence a longing heart If all its longings are as thy sky above— Not bound by earth but wrapped in gray; So wide; so endlessly arrayed?   Ask a widow whose love's departed. Ask ma and pa whose child's turned away. Ask the weary, homeless stranger. Ask the man who seeks forever.   Silence. … Continue reading Hush


Have You Received the GREATEST Christmas Gift?

Christmas is probably the most anticipated time of the year for many people of all ages and walks of life. We see beautiful Christmas lights dancing, hear Christmas carols, get reunited with our friends and loved ones whom we have not seen for a long time, attend parties, and give/receive gifts. All of these bring … Continue reading Have You Received the GREATEST Christmas Gift?

Love’s Irony of Time

How does one learn to forgive? How does the heart forget? Prayers, hopes, expectations— Now powerless and dead. Once I thought it'd be easy; Once I hoped you'll return. But after years of damned silence, I found my heart scarred, torn. Just as the mind thinks it's over, The heart becomes perplexed. Just as fall leaves … Continue reading Love’s Irony of Time


While others are yet dreaming of doing something they want, I'm already busy doing the things I dream and want— writing and thinking; believing and doing; enhancing my skills, my being; sharing to others my heart; not expecting; my talents, my time; a blessing. While we can't assume what we are to others, We can … Continue reading Deliver