Love Unbound: Believe in the Power of John 3:16

I remember a short story I read many years ago from a youth magazine. It was titled “I Will Still Follow Jesus.” I remember it was narrated from the first person point of view of a young man. The friends he grew up with and fellowshipped with in church have turned their backs from the faith they … Continue reading Love Unbound: Believe in the Power of John 3:16



Today I've decided to share the one-act play I wrote this year. This was supposed to be used for a student convention, but the school I wrote it for decided not to push through with it. Most possible reason was they lacked male actors to act it out. It has always been my desire to … Continue reading Qualified

The Way to You

I told You that I trust You No matter come what may. I knew it won't be easy Before the light of day. Still, I chose to trust You Because You are the way.   The way to You, Jesus—Son of God, My true Best Friend, dearly Loved— Is knowing You more each day; I'm … Continue reading The Way to You

His Path

Sometimes the path we take ain't easy. Sometimes strange shadows come our way— Dark, foreboding, uncertain calls; A dim visage in derelict halls. Who knows what tempests move toward us? Who knows the length of time we'll need— A day, a week, a month, a year; A lifetime of courage, hope, and cheer? Nay, whatever … Continue reading His Path

The Fathomless You

Tip. Top. Tip. Top. Warm showers on a cold, dry noon; Fresh flowers that forever bloom; Healing, feeling, living life; Your GRACE upholds me day and night. Wish. Wash. Wish. Wash. Sweet whispers to a sturdy heart; Caressing echoes that restart; Keeping, touching, giving life; Your MERCY guides me to the Light. Christ. Cross. Christ. … Continue reading The Fathomless You