A thousand lives I’ll bear with you In sickness, pain, and deepest woe; In laughter, joy, and merry heart; My friend, from you I’ll not depart.   One call and I’ll be by your side; One look and I feel what you feel inside. Two lives introduced by timely choice; Two lives united by one … Continue reading Requiem


Someone like Enrique Gil

Someone who’s so clever and funny Your stress reliever when you’re unhappy Someone who can turn your world upside down Someone who can put a smile on your face when you frown…   Someone who’s like a real gentleman Trying all the best he can do to respect his woman He’s there when you needed … Continue reading Someone like Enrique Gil

The Way to You

I told You that I trust You No matter come what may. I knew it won't be easy Before the light of day. Still, I chose to trust You Because You are the way.   The way to You, Jesus—Son of God, My true Best Friend, dearly Loved— Is knowing You more each day; I'm … Continue reading The Way to You