LizQuen Universe

Fangirls and fanboys Combined, a paramount of voice A voice to support, and love back and forth Many says it's just a fandom Fandom for fangirling syndrome Yes! It's not just a fandom But a family that'll vanish your boredom Why family? Coz, here we are supporting each other happily Accepting, guiding, and loving fully … Continue reading LizQuen Universe



  #1: CLASSY, NOT TRASHY. The word “classy” for the LizQuen fandom does not solely pertain to its members, but also to the principles they uphold as a fanmily. They follow a code of conduct that encourages everyone to always choose to be the better person. In dealing with bashers, they do not stoop down … Continue reading 10 THINGS THAT MAKE THE LIZQUEN FANDOM AWESOME

The LizQuen Effect on MayWard

The Pinoy Big Brother Season 7 housemates gushed over Liza Soberano when she first entered the PBB House yesterday, Sept 18, 2016. The unexpected arrival of Liza inside the house left the housemates in deep amusement over the latter’s tremendous beauty. Everyone’s talking about Liza's simple yet astounding beauty and about how kind, humble, sweet, sophisticated and … Continue reading The LizQuen Effect on MayWard


Because of Dolce Amore, I… …learned how hashtags work in Twitter. I created my Twitter account in 2010, but I honestly didn’t know the purpose of HT’s until I saw and tried using Dolce Amore hashtags. I then started reading tweets about DA. The first time I tweeted for DA was last April. Ang saya … Continue reading 15 CONFESSIONS OF A DOLCE AMORE-HOLIC