Today I've decided to share the one-act play I wrote this year. This was supposed to be used for a student convention, but the school I wrote it for decided not to push through with it. Most possible reason was they lacked male actors to act it out. It has always been my desire to … Continue reading Qualified


TBF Series: A Dreamer’s Journey Begins

“When somebody asks you who your teacher is, don’t tell them it’s me.” Apparently, he was not proud of me. He was dissatisfied with my playing. I was a shame and disgrace. Hearing those words from someone I looked up to, I froze for a moment and stared blankly into space. I was not able … Continue reading TBF Series: A Dreamer’s Journey Begins


While others are yet dreaming of doing something they want, I'm already busy doing the things I dream and want— writing and thinking; believing and doing; enhancing my skills, my being; sharing to others my heart; not expecting; my talents, my time; a blessing. While we can't assume what we are to others, We can … Continue reading Deliver

Of Dream Boards and Waiting

Photo Source: http://www.pinterest.com I like the thought: There are many paths to the same summit. Many ways to achieve the ultimate goal. A hundred words to form a paragraph. And, a thousand strokes to complete a masterpiece. It's been eight months now since I endeavored to pursue one of my dreams. It's been my dream … Continue reading Of Dream Boards and Waiting

To Do with Love

What have I to do with love When my love has died? Can it bring back the life that's gone? Can it immortalize? My Annabel Lee is dead; So is my Juliet. Along with her, my dreams are lost; Along with her, they're dead. What can this poor mortal do When he's lost his heart? … Continue reading To Do with Love