Ang Pagbibigay Direksyon ni Timon (The Song’s Backstory)

  Dolce Amore was undeniably a top-rating teleserye that captured millions of hearts worldwide, and created a huge impact to its viewers. Part of the ripple effect the show made was the inspiration it brought to many as it drew out the creativity in them. Sketches were exceptionally drawn, songs were wonderfully composed, poems and … Continue reading Ang Pagbibigay Direksyon ni Timon (The Song’s Backstory)


I, Destiny

Out of a painful, lingering memory; Out of the ebb of life's currents and blows, Arise, two strangers. Arise from life's woe-- From anguish, remorse; From failures, and blues. The sweetest of mem'ries, the best life you'll know In time, can come from you. Only stay true. I, Destiny, am weaving all for you.   … Continue reading I, Destiny