Love Unbound: Believe in the Power of John 3:16

I remember a short story I read many years ago from a youth magazine. It was titled “I Will Still Follow Jesus.” I remember it was narrated from the first person point of view of a young man. The friends he grew up with and fellowshipped with in church have turned their backs from the faith they … Continue reading Love Unbound: Believe in the Power of John 3:16



Today I've decided to share the one-act play I wrote this year. This was supposed to be used for a student convention, but the school I wrote it for decided not to push through with it. Most possible reason was they lacked male actors to act it out. It has always been my desire to … Continue reading Qualified

How to Prepare for Your Ka-Forever’s Arrival

Sino kaya ang ka-forever ko? Kailan kaya siya darating? May forever nga ba talaga? Perhaps, these are some questions that sometimes, if not often, cross your mind. You wonder with whom you are meant to spend the rest of your life. Pressure is even greater if your age is near the end of the calendar. … Continue reading How to Prepare for Your Ka-Forever’s Arrival

Of Dream Boards and Waiting

Photo Source: I like the thought: There are many paths to the same summit. Many ways to achieve the ultimate goal. A hundred words to form a paragraph. And, a thousand strokes to complete a masterpiece. It's been eight months now since I endeavored to pursue one of my dreams. It's been my dream … Continue reading Of Dream Boards and Waiting

The Lead

Life's an ocean of voices; to where you'll swim is up to you.   But— “I don't know how to swim,” she said.   Then— “Build a boat, a bridge, or ride a submarine,” he said.   Her eyes cast down; he saw her frown disheartened and confused.   “Well, you don't have to do … Continue reading The Lead

The Way to You

I told You that I trust You No matter come what may. I knew it won't be easy Before the light of day. Still, I chose to trust You Because You are the way.   The way to You, Jesus—Son of God, My true Best Friend, dearly Loved— Is knowing You more each day; I'm … Continue reading The Way to You

Love Song

There's a song that flows in the river of love— A song I can't fully express. It captures my heart, my soul, my mind; Yes, it's more than the sweetest caress. No flaming arrows or loud roaring tides Can vanquish this song that's in me. Oh, wherever it takes me night or day, It offers … Continue reading Love Song