A thousand lives I’ll bear with you In sickness, pain, and deepest woe; In laughter, joy, and merry heart; My friend, from you I’ll not depart.   One call and I’ll be by your side; One look and I feel what you feel inside. Two lives introduced by timely choice; Two lives united by one … Continue reading Requiem


LizQuen Universe

Fangirls and fanboys Combined, a paramount of voice A voice to support, and love back and forth Many says it's just a fandom Fandom for fangirling syndrome Yes! It's not just a fandom But a family that'll vanish your boredom Why family? Coz, here we are supporting each other happily Accepting, guiding, and loving fully … Continue reading LizQuen Universe


While others are yet dreaming of doing something they want, I'm already busy doing the things I dream and want— writing and thinking; believing and doing; enhancing my skills, my being; sharing to others my heart; not expecting; my talents, my time; a blessing. While we can't assume what we are to others, We can … Continue reading Deliver


I'm writing your music blue; That's what I hear from you— Your mellow tunes Inside your room Resound so loud with gloom.   We used to sing together; Didn't matter the despair— You'd strum your song, I'd sing along; The world we used to share.   Now, you seem to own the world; You wouldn't … Continue reading So-La-Ti-Blue


Photo Source: #ONE: The main characters, Serena and Tenten, were portrayed by the love team who look and act world-class. Serena Marchesa and Simon Vicente Ibarra (Tenten) were two beautifully rounded characters whose shoes most perfectly fit Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil (Quen) respectively. They gave life to The Italian Bella and Boy Raketero … Continue reading 20 THINGS THAT MADE DOLCE AMORE A WORLD-CLASS FILIPINO TELESERYE

The World’s Finest

The world's finest—who can deny? He's got his heart set to the extra mile; a heart of gold that ever gives; a heart that's willing to forgive. The world's finest—who can refuse? He's got the treasures the world needs to use; treasures of faith and love and care; treasures e'er far beyond compare. Oh! The … Continue reading The World’s Finest

Lovers’ Waltz

Moonlight Upon a starry sky. You came to me with dazzling smile. While all around us held their sway, You came to me with sweet display Of words and rhythm with timely moves. Our hearts in harmony with the tune of love. E'er to the right or left we go; Or onwards, backwards—however we turn, … Continue reading Lovers’ Waltz