002 My LizQuen Story: Fixing and receiving more than a few smiles

Meet Doc Bari

This week, let us get to know the beautiful lady who goes by “Doc Bari”, a practicing dentist at her own clinic and a school. To her fellow LizQuen fans, she is better known as an admin of Team H & E.

The Iskang dentist specializes in orthodontics and surgery, and she enjoys doing a little of everything and looks forward to pursuing more postgraduate studies.

mlqs 002 doc bari
Doc Bari and Liza Soberano

What sparked the flame of fangirling within her? Do you share the same experience? Read on to find out!

A Fangirl Ever Since

“Jeje” blood runs in her veins, Doc Bari tells us. A fan of the local showbiz scene, she has always been enamored by the industry since she was little. Her LizQuen craze started in 2015, by the time that Forevermore, the love team’s first teleserye, was nearing its conclusion. She recalls spending the better part of a trip abroad streaming its finale week and crying her eyes out at the famous kubo scene.

mlqs 002 doc bari
Quen, Doc Bari and Liza Soberano

There was no going back from this point. She found herself gushing over their Gandang Gabi Vice guesting, rummaging for YouTube videos of their history, playing Shine Pilipinas and mall show videos for Just The Way You Are until she fell asleep with her headset on, only to wake up to said videos still on loop. After a tweet with the official hashtag for LizQuen’s Deal or No Deal episode on her personal account that had her followers thinking she’d been hacked, she resolved that a fan account was in order. Then there was the flurry of dragging her boyfriend to a concert at Cabuyao, and a failed attempt at a meet-and-greet and joining an extant fan group.

But it did not stop.

An OTP to Stick With

Not new to shipping, Doc Bari has had her fair share of team-ups that she grew fond of. While LizQuen isn’t the first on-screen couple that captured her, she confesses that in their first interview she’d seen, she felt a love that was blossoming and an unnameable factor that transcended beyond the screen.

mlqs 002 doc bari

mlqs 002 doc with group and liza
LizQuen, Doc Bari, and fellow fans for Dukot

It was LizQuen who saved her from the melancholy of being separated from her best-friend-cum-sister, and although she ended up getting to know the love team later than others for this very reason, she was glad that they filled up the big void in her life.

Love and Life With and Beyond LizQuen

Enthralled by not only the ethereal beauty of the team-up, Doc Bari has seen and experienced for herself the unpretentious and honest character of LizQuen, the purity of their hearts, and the way they treasure the people surrounding them.

“I am so lucky to be given the chance to know LQ in a different light. I think somehow, I have seen the Hope and Quen that others fail to see.” -Doc Bari

The beauty of being immersed in a fandom is something everyone who has ever been part of one can relate to. Our fellow fan shares that beyond LizQuen’s story, the friends she has made along the way are ones she has come to love, a part of her system. They have become so ingrained in her that a day is not complete without talking and baring herself to them.


My Ex And Whys blockscreening with the stars
Liza’s 18th birthday amazing race

Her fangirling has also made her life a lot busier and fun, the kind that she missed from college days when she was an active student leader. Through the various LizQuen-related events and projects she spearheaded, her network has expanded. This benefits her career-wise, as with being known as a resident dentist in the fandom, she has been the go-to for consultations via DMs, earning her quite a number of patients. But the icing on the cake? She has gotten to know a lot of other people who share a mutual love for LizQuen, even those coming from across the globe.

“That I should be investing time to earn more money, siguro tama nga sila. But for now, I would opt to build more personal relationships with other people. And I think it’s something money can never achieve.” -Doc Bari

To Fans She Shares Smiles With

Doc Bari believes that the fandom has so much potential, and she offers a reminder of how important it is that in all that the fans endeavor, the end goal should be to make LizQuen and themselves happy.

“Do what makes your heart happy. Siguro I’ve been enjoying this experience not because I just want to see LQ in person, but because of the people I’ve conversed with. The friends I’ve gained. Yes, lahat naman gusto sila makita, makapagpa-picture, pero kasi if that was just my goal, then dapat tapos na, alis na ’ko. But really, it’s the people in the fandom that I have come to love. As I’ve written in my bio in Twitter, I always keep this in mind, ‘let’s all be friends’.” -Doc Bari



mlqs 002 doc
Doc Bari with Team H & E

To the Reasons Behind Her Smile

“I am just happy I am able to witness the story of LizQuen. Just seeing their love unfold each day inspires me to do the same. I know may forever kasi she is the yin to his yang, he is the peanut to her butter and they’re balls of sunshine for each other. I promise to be here ’til I ran out of jeje blood—which will never happen!” -Doc Bari

Connect with Bari

How did you find Bari’s story? Hit us up with a comment below! Follow Doc Bari on Twitter, she’d love to hear from you!


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