001 My LizQuen Story: Teacher by Day, Fangirl All the Way

Meet Teacher Kim

Kim Rogado, also known as @kimboinx in the LizQuen fandom, is a licensed professional teacher who teaches in kindergarten. She actively participates in the music ministry of Diocesan Shrine and Parish of Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish in Marikina City. Apart from spending her time on these valuable endeavors, fangirling over LizQuen is something she is also very passionate about.

What led her into the fandom? How did she fall in love with LizQuen? What lessons has she learned throughout her experiences in fangirling? Let’s find out!

The Road to Fangirling  

As a typical millennial, she is very much glued to her laptop, browsing anything in line with her interests on the internet. She seldom watched TV shows as she admits not being too fond of celebrities back then. Forevermore came and part of her life took a huge turn to what she has never done before–fangirling.

01 My LizQuen Story: Teacher by Day, Fangirl All the Way
Dukot Block Screening

Started out as a closet LizQuen fan, she regularly checked updates on Instagram. She later befriended @_AmyDunne, a co-fan who encouraged her to join Twitter, and mingled with others who also loved LizQuen. There she came across with @guettwho of @LIZQUENfinity and became a member of the said fan group. She involved herself in their events and was soon given the chance to become an admin.

Experiencing the LizQuen Magic

Struck by the undeniable chemistry and acting prowess of LizQuen, little did she know that she already got hooked to these beautiful people. Social media has subtly pulled her because of fangirling. She stayed up late watching all of their interviews on YouTube, and got to know them better outside the teleserye.

What made Kim totally fall in love with them was not primarily their physical attributes–but their good hearts. “Bonus na lang yung gaganda nilang nilalang eh,” she said. She admires LizQuen’s humility and sincerity despite all the praises and achievements they received. Their fan service is one thing that every celebrity hopefully emulates.

In terms of dealing with fans, they’re very accommodating. Walang ere ‘pag nakausap mo. Ikaw pa unang papansinin. Sila pa maghahawak ng phone ‘pag humingi ka ng selfie with them. I mean not all artists are like that kaya sila hindi mahirap mahalin. They also know how to value the people who love them. Marunong silang makisama. Wala silang pinipiling tao. Lahat pinapakisamahan nila.”   -Kim Rogado

Aside from looking up to LizQuen as celebrities, Kim also loves how much they value their respective families. As young as they are, they stand as breadwinners and generously give whatever their loved ones need. Both manifest abundance of love towards their parents and siblings. This is one thing that truly makes them exemplary.

01 My LizQuen Story: Teacher by Day, Fangirl All the Way
Dolce Amore Set Visit

Not only does Kim find LizQuen genuine towards fans, she also sees how real both of them are when it comes to what they feel for each other. If you know their love story, you will be amazed how beautiful God has written it. It is no doubt that they are handpicked for each other, and the love they share is pure, mature, and bound to sail forever. As a fan, Kim couldn’t be any happier for them.

“I know in my heart and I can see how much they love each other. That’s why I’m happy because they’re happy. Their happiness is my happiness.”  -Kim Rogado

As a LizQuen fan, there is nothing more you could ask. The fandom is beyond blessed, and there is absolutely no reason to wage war with anyone. The key to savoring the LizQuen magic is simply contentment and respect.

Lessons Picked Along the Way

Being a fangirl for the past two years, Kim has gradually gained maturity in dealing with co-fans. When she was still a noob, she always retaliated those who speak ill of LizQuen. She even had an experience in arguing against a co-fan.

As time passed by, she asked herself, “What am I here for? ‘di ba for Liza and Quen?” Since then, she decided to focus on LizQuen, and ignore those who are locked up in bitterness and envy. But she admits that she still tends to react sometimes. “’Di ako perfect. Pumapatol pa rin ako minsan. I’m a work in progress,” she reasoned.

Kim’s piece of advice to co-fans:

“Love, love, love!” – Kim Rogado

Message of Love to LizQuen

“Thank you for being an inspiration to me. I’ll be here to support and love you both always and in all ways. I will always pray for both of you. Stay happy and in love. God bless you. I love you, Hope and Quen!” – Kim Rogado

Connect with Kim

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