Today I’ve decided to share the one-act play I wrote this year. This was supposed to be used for a student convention, but the school I wrote it for decided not to push through with it. Most possible reason was they lacked male actors to act it out.

It has always been my desire to share my works with others. And, I’m hoping that one day somebody would get to act the play and not just leave it among the scattered sheets of paperwork. Enjoy! 🙂


What qualifies a person to serve God? This story tells about a man, Gabriel, who lost his family along with his dreams. Discover God’s working power in his life as he battles with grief and brokenness.


  • Gabriel / Kuya – main character
  • Sonny – Gabriel’s younger brother
  • Friend
  • Church Pastor
  • Church Members
  • Stranger


Scene 1

(Concert hall. After Gabriel’s concert.)

FRIEND: Gabriel, congratulations on your concert! I have never attended a well-produced event like you had.

GABRIEL: Thank you! We definitely made it! Ha-ha!

FRIEND: (Laughs along.) Well, Gab, let me keep the momentum for you. I have with me a list of new projects.

GABRIEL: Praise the Lord! (Dashes excited smile.)

FRIEND: Oh, yes! You must know that churches and other music organizations are head over heels to have you working with them. Here’s the list. (Hands the list to Gabriel.) Just contact me for the ones you want to work on. Gabriel, my friend, you are one lucky guy!

GABRIEL: I definitely will. You know my motto: work on your dreams, and they will take you to GLORY! (Brandishes the list of projects, and laughs.)

FRIEND: (Sees Gabriel’s brother, Sonny, wanting to talk to him.) Well, now I see someone as excited as you are. See you ‘round!

-Friend exits.

GABRIEL: (Sees Sonny.) Hey! Hey! Hey! Who’s the proud brother here? Ha-ha! (Sonny approaches Gabriel, and the two of them hug. Laughs together.)

SONNY: It must be you!

GABRIEL: Really? So, where do you want to eat now? Because, I’m pretty up to a ce-le-bra-tion. Ha-ha! (Laughs together.)

SONNY: Anywhere—anywhere that will match your BIG SUCCESS budget. Ha-ha! (Laughs together.) Kuya, um—I have a soccer game this Friday. I was wondering if you could come?

GABRIEL: Sonny, when has kuya ever missed a game? I will be there. (Smiles at Sonny.) Come here. I want that warm success hug of yours. I deserve that you know. Ha-ha! (The two of them laugh and hug.)


Scene 2

(Car. On the road to Sonny’s soccer game. Sonny in deep thought.)

GABRIEL: All set for the game? (Looks at Sonny.) Cheer up, bro! This game must be hard on you, isn’t it?

SONNY: Well, nothing I can’t handle. You know your brother is the best soccer player in town. Ha-ha! (They laugh together.) I guess there are things I just can’t help but think about.

GABRIEL: So, you do think? Ha-ha!

SONNY: (Slaps Gabriel on the shoulder.) Cut it off! I’ve been thinking. Since Ma and Pa died, we have been receiving blessings like bullets from nowhere. You’ve always been there for me—you paid for my school fees, cheered for me at my games, acted as Ma and Pa would for me. I mean, sometimes I wish I could make it up to you.


SONNY: (Interrupts.) No. I promise I will make it up to you. It’s not to pay you for all you’ve done, but to show you that I love you as well. You have been the greatest blessing God’s given me…well, so far. Ha-ha!

GABRIEL: Alright. Just make sure to pay BIG. Ha-ha! (They laugh together.)

SONNY: Kuya, um—I was also wondering if we could attend church together this Sunday. You have been quite full with your schedules these days that we no longer have the time to fellowship there. Surely, you could also find time to join me.

GABRIEL: I’m not sure about that, Sonny. A lot of new projects had come up.

SONNY: (Nods sadly.)

GABRIEL: Sonny, look here. I acknowledge God in all the success we have. I return my tithes, I give to missions, do charity works—I express my love to Him through those. I just don’t want to neglect the things He has blessed us with. Remember, we are to be good stewards of God’s blessings.


GABRIEL: (Interrupts.) Sonny, it is my dream to give you a good life. And, to set aside the good things God’s given us for me to pursue that dream would be irresponsible. (Sighs.) Enough with this conversation. Let’s not spoil your day. (Dashes a smile to Sonny.) We’re here. All cheers, bro. Bring home the beacon. Ha-ha! (Taps Sonny at the back, and motions for the door. Sonny steps out of the car first.)

-Enter angry stranger.

STRANGER: Sonny! (Shoots Sonny thrice and runs away.)

-Exit stranger.

GABRIEL: Sonny! (Rushes to Sonny, and cradles him.) Sonny, stay with me. Help! Anyone help us please! Sonny, I say stay with me!

SONNY: Come to church. (Dies.)

GABRIEL: Sonny. (Sobs bitterly. Looks up to Heaven.) Is this what You want? The death of my family—my dreams? Lord, answer me! Talk to me. I need to know. (Sobs bitterly.)


Scene 3

(2 weeks after Sonny’s death. Gabriel’s workplace.)

FRIEND: Gabriel, what are these reports I’m getting—you’ve become sullen and easily gets angry with anyone even without a cause? Has success gotten into your head and seized your heart? I’m your friend. C’mon tell me.

GABRIEL: (Continues working in silence. Ignores friend.)

FRIEND: Has the cat got your tongue? (Looks at Gabriel.) So, they’re true. (Sighs.)

GABRIEL: I don’t need your nagging. So, stay out of my life!

FRIEND: Wow! Yes, it’s YOUR life. But, you know what? You are losing it—slowly losing it if you won’t stop this madness.

GABRIEL: Enough! (Shoves away music sheets from his table.) Friend, you are out of your bounds.

FRIEND: (Slaps Gabriel hard on the cheek.) There are no bounds! Can’t you see? (Starts to cry.) You are hurting me as well. You are pushing us away—your friends, all of us who’re willing to stay with you. Gab, stop hurting yourself.

GABRIEL: I’m fine.

FRIEND: No, Gab. You are not.

GABRIEL: (Messes up hair in confusion. Turns away from Friend.)

FRIEND: Our project partners called me early this morning—they want you off. They’re thinking maybe you need some time to rest.

GABRIEL: (Faces Friend.) Why? Why now? The projects are well under way. If I leave them, they might lose it. You know that!

FRIEND: Yes, Gab, we all know that.

GABRIEL: If they’re worrying that I can’t handle it, then they’re wrong. Let them know that I’m well. Losing isn’t my thing.

FRIEND: (Pats Gabriel on the back.) Gab, you’re losing it. Even if you won’t admit it, you are losing it. You are slowly breaking everyone’s trust. Breaking everyone’s heart. Breaking your heart. (Sighs.) You know sometimes success is worth losing. (Reaches out to Gabriel.)

GABRIEL: (Evades Friend. Messes up hair in confusion. Sobs bitterly.) No. No.

FRIEND: (Sighs.) Let me know if you need me.

-Friend exits.

GABRIEL: (Continues sobbing.) Sonny. My dream. No.


Scene 4

(3 months after. Gabriel attends church service. Friend sits near Gabriel.)

PASTOR: Our losses in life can be greater than what we think of ourselves. Sometimes we question God’s silence to the point that we question His presence as well. Brethren, waiting on God does not necessarily mean we should be doing nothing. Instead, it calls us to know Him more, to accept and achieve our best selves, our full potential. And, we can only do that when we surrender our all to Him.

CHURCH MEMBERS: Amen! (Everyone stands. Service ends. Friend smiles warmly at Gabriel, turns away, and leaves.)

-Exit church members and Friend.

PASTOR: Gabriel! (Calls him from afar, and approaches him.) May I speak with you for a while? (They shake each other’s hand.) How are you, brother?

GABRIEL: Still trying to recover, pastor, but I trust God that things will be alright.

PASTOR: It’s good to hear that you are facing it positively. (Smiles at Gabriel.)

GABRIEL: I’m trying to, pastor.

PASTOR: Cheer up, brother. God still has something good in store. Speaking of which, I have a proposition to you. I have been praying for this for a long time now. You see, the church is currently in need of someone who can conduct for the church orchestra.

GABRIEL: (Interrupts.) But, pastor—

PASTOR: Hold on. Let me explain to you. (Gabriel sighs.) I want you to think this over. Even before your brother died, I know you have a gift in music. You can sing well, play the piano and some other instruments, been a member of the orchestra, studied music abroad, produced concerts—I mean, who else is tailor-fit for the job?

GABRIEL: I mean no disrespect, pastor, but I just really don’t think I can be good enough. I’m still broken, and I don’t know when this is going to end.

PASTOR: Brother, that’s the good thing about God. He specializes on broken things, broken people like you. Like me.

GABRIEL: (Interrupts.) But, pastor—

PASTOR: Gab, every one of us faces challenges at some point in our lives. Don’t isolate yourself. God’s mercies are new every day, and every day He reaches out to us. It is up to us to reach out to Him as well. (Gabriel sighs. Pastor taps Gabriel on his shoulder.) Brother, please think about it. I’ll wait on your reply. (Gabriel nods.)


Scene 5

(Cemetery. Gabriel sobs bitterly before Sonny’s grave.)

GABRIEL: God, is this your reply to me? Three months. I have waited for three long months, and this is what I get. How am I ever going to face it? I don’t even know if I am qualified for the job—in Your service. My loss has been great. My fall has been too deep. My heart is all too broken. (He cries out toward Heaven while pounding his chest.) Why me?

(Heavy emotion causes Gabriel to fall on his knees before Sonny’s grave. He sees and reads the verse on his tombstone.)

“As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.” Psalm 18:30

(Gabriel continues sobbing.) Why does it have to be so difficult? (Gabriel cries out toward Heaven.) God, YOU KNOW ME. I just cannot see why it has to be me. Don’t You know how difficult it is to accept something you don’t want? (Gabriel continues sobbing; now looking at the verse again. Touches the verse on the tombstone, and prays to God.)

God, I don’t know what’s in store but I trust You. Pick up my broken pieces, my broken life, and use it for Your glory. Chase away my fears. Wipe away my tears. Let my life please You each step of the way. Amen.

(Gabriel slowly takes ground, stands up, and reaches for his phone to call his pastor.)

Pastor, I’ll take the job. I’m trusting God all the way.

-End. Exit.

Copyright © 2016 OKaren, okayenotes.wordpress.com


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