Ang Pagbibigay Direksyon ni Timon (The Song’s Backstory)


Dolce Amore was undeniably a top-rating teleserye that captured millions of hearts worldwide, and created a huge impact to its viewers. Part of the ripple effect the show made was the inspiration it brought to many as it drew out the creativity in them. Sketches were exceptionally drawn, songs were wonderfully composed, poems and prose were beautifully written. Among those creations, you might have happened to listen to “Timon (Dolce Amore Inspired)”. Yes. It’s me. Hehehe! Having shared in my “15 Confessions of a Dolce Amore-holic” a portion of how and why the song was written, I somewhat felt like I wanted to finish telling the story.

When Serena came back to the Philippines with amnesia, I was deeply affected with her being lost. Her Timon, who was supposedly to be the one giving her directions, was also initially unaware of how his tragic separation with his amore resulted. Despite of all the misfortunes in their love story in book 1, what remained to be evident was the fact that the “Timon, nagbibigay direksyon” idea was strongly held onto by the writers. Destiny’s playful tricks may have torn them apart, but Serena was eventually directed back to the arms of her one and only love, Timon.

I became giddy and fidgety at the same time after having watched the first few episodes of book 2. I wanted to write something out of it, but I did not know how and where to begin. I thought of poetry, but my desire to compose a song was stronger. I was hesitant at first because I never tried to do so in my entire life. However, the tune that kept playing inside my head was so difficult to dismiss. “Bahala na. I’ll try this out.” I said.

May 12, 2016 – I picked up my notebook and pencil, and started with the lyrics. Since Timon rhymed with its definition nagbibigay direksyon, I decided to place it in the chorus as it’s also the central theme of the entire piece. I did not know what to put next. For several hours, all I did was thinking of words that would perfectly fit. After spending the whole day brainstorming, I was able to write the first two lines of the first stanza: “Mula sa Italya, sa Maynila ako’y napunta. Sa ‘king paglilibot, kapenpal dati nakilala.” I wanted to continue, but it was already 12:15am. I resumed in the morning, and finally finished by 3:00 p.m. “Timon” was officially done, May 13, 2016.

My next problem was I needed a friend who’s good with guitar playing and singing. After contacting around 3 people in 4 days, I had the chance to reconnect with my college friend and classmate who was exactly I was looking for. My mom was bothered what kept me busy, but I invented excuses and kept my secret. Anyway, I asked Dine (my friend) if she’s got a guitar, but then I was obliged to look for one. I thought we couldn’t make it, but thankfully someone was kindhearted enough to lend me her brother’s instrument. I met Dine in our alma mater, May 18, 2:00 p.m. I waited for more than an hour before she arrived. I didn’t care for the love of DA. Hahaha! I sang to her how the melody was like, and gave her the freedom to do some arrangements if needed. After some practices, we recorded it in one of the university’s classrooms. It was a good thing that summer class has already ended that time. Classrooms were empty.

May 19 – I created a lyric video, and uploaded it in a fictional account I made in YouTube. I didn’t want to reveal my real identity simply because I was shy. Even until now, I love to hide under other names. My internet connection at that time was very slow that the entire video was completely uploaded at 12 midnight. With the desire to share it to the entire Dolce Amore team as a gift of appreciation for all their hard work in giving us great episodes every night, I sent a message to TATAK LizQuen – Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil Facebook fan page and Twitter account, and shared the link of the song to them. All I had in my mind was just to let them hear the song. I was more than overwhelmed with everyone’s feedback, and most especially with the tweet of DA’s head writer, Sir Mark Angos, about it. I was really a one happy kid. Thank you, TATAK LizQuen for the opportunity to share! I am forever grateful to you.

Screen captures of my communication with TATAK LizQuen – Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil Facebook fan page and Twitter account:

Screen capture of Sir Mark Angos’ tweet:


Here’s the song if you have not heard it yet:


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