15 Ways to Fangirl/boy Over LizQuen Responsibly and with Fun


Photo source: starcinema.abs-cbn.com

Are you new in the LizQuen fandom and feeling alienated to what is going on? If yes, we are here to help you to get you started. If no, then some of these are kind reminders to keep you afloat. We provide you a list of ways to fangirl/boy over LizQuen which are based on true-to-life experiences of co-LizQuen fans which made them find fangirling/boying worthwhile. But first we congratulate newbies for having chosen the best and classiest fandom in the entire universe. What sets this fandom apart from the rest is that this ship is bound to sail FOREVER. Read on and be guided:

  • Research about Liza and Quen’s respective backgrounds. Get to know them more, and be amazed of how beautiful they are inside and out.
  • Create fan accounts in social media having the right intention – to fangirl/boy and not to bash others. Follow Liza and Quen in their social media accounts to get updates from the lovebirds, on-cam or off-cam. It’s up to you if you want to follow their relatives, friends, and co-workers too. LizQuen tend to be low key at times that’s why we count on those people who surround them for updates. Off-cam moments are the BEST.
  • Watch ALL their interviews and fan-made video compilations in YouTube or in other websites where they are available. Soon, you will surely find yourself murdering the replay button of some videos. We suggest that the first video you will watch is “The Legendary Love Story of LizQuen” by itsmeehlala on vimeo.com. The entire video plays almost 2 hours, but it’s worth it. Promise.
  • In case you still have not seen LizQuen’s teleseryes and movies or missed episodes of their seryes, do a marathon in watching these: She’s the One (played as best friends; not a love team yet during this time.), Forevermore, Forever and More, Just the Way You Are, Everyday I Love You, and Dolce Amore. Buy an ABS-CBN mobile sim to enjoy watching these shows in your mobile phone.
  • Scout for LizQuen official fan groups, and join one which you think is best for you. To name a few, the fandom has TATAK LizQuen, Team H & E, LizQuen PexErs, LizQuenfinity, HQ Boangers, Bisayang LQ, and LizQuen FanBoys. Look for their social media accounts, and approach their admins. They’re kind people, and you’ve got nothing to be afraid of. They’ll treat you as a family member.
  • Actively participate in making LizQuen hashtags trend in Twitter by using it in your tweets. You also help in nominating LizQuen for awards and voting for them to win.
  • Support LizQuen’s projects and endorsements by helping promote their upcoming shows and movies, joining block screenings (facilitated by the fan group you have chosen to be part of), watching their current teleserye (if there is any) and other TV appearances, buying products endorsed by LizQuen and the magazines they covered, going to mall shows, concerts, and meet & greet events.
  • Protect LizQuen from bashers, and make sure to choose your battles. As a LizQuen fan, always remember that you represent Liza and Quen and the fandom as a whole. Get your logic and facts straight. Don’t easily react to issues when you don’t know the whole story. Remain to be 101% panatag about LizQuen’s relationship status. NEVER start the fire, and don’t waste your time on nonsense people and their rubbish talks. As the saying goes, “Never hate those people who are jealous of you, but respect their jealousy because they are the ones who think that YOU ARE BETTER THAN THEM.”
  • Randomly collect photos of LizQuen, and you will later realize that one album is not enough for them.
  • Befriend co-LizQuen fans by replying to their tweets in Twitter or comments in IG or Facebook. Spread good vibes throughout the fandom. Join the conversation in group chats. Mind you, several friendships have been formed through fangirling/boying.
  • Keep yourself updated with what is happening in the fandom by checking your social media accounts from time to time. We don’t actually need to remind you about this, though. Once you have been absorbed with how fangirling/boying works, it becomes innate for you to do it. You will always be hungry and thirsty for updates.
  • LizQuen’s special days are always on the 13th and 24th of the month. If you are wondering why, go ask admins of fan groups and fans who have been in the fandom long enough. They know better than us.
  • If you want to experience good vibes in Twitter, we suggest you follow these lovable people in the fandom:

Ms. Hope Floats (@iheartfinchel) – She’s the Twitter Serye Queen in the fandom. You’ll enjoy her captions on LizQuen’s photos and her Twitter Serye which comes in a thread. Get to know Enrikke Jr. and Lizzybeth too.

Ms. Raz (@Raz_Elle) – She’s an awesome wordsmith! Her tweets are very insightful. You will love her and her works, especially those that are LizQuen-inspired.

Ms. Only Hope for Quen (@indeNiaLLady) – She is often up-to-date with LizQuen ganaps. Aside from LizQuen, she also loves anything that is Korean-related. If you love Korean stuff too, you will probably have two things in common with her – love for KDramas and LizQuen. That’s just based on our observations, though. Hahaha!

Ms. Risse (@iSpyLizQuen) and Ms. 23rosee23 (@sophia_swift23) – These two got a whole bunch of LizQuen video compilations. You will surely love their creations.

Ms. Vi (@lizquentwithart) – Her piano covers of LizQuen songs are amazing. She’s really a great music arranger. You’ll fall in love with how she places a distinct color in her music.

Ms. Eilyn Yatco (@mspainteilyn) – Be in awe of her beautiful LizQuen-inspired drawings and other artworks.  She created a lot during Dolce Amore days. She is one of the most talented gems in the fandom.

  • If you have the passion to write LizQuen-inspired poems, compose songs, and do artworks, contact us via DM and we would love to feature your creations here in the LQ Corner. We will add you to our OKayeNotes family, and get to contribute as an author. You may also want to share your story of how LizQuen captured your heart in the LizQuen Fan Diaries. Just send your entry via DM in Twitter, at okayenotes@gmail.com, or via private message in our official Facebook page.
  • Lastly, learn to balance fangirling/boying and your studies/work and other aspects of your life. Let this be a way for you to do away with the stresses in life and not to get into it. In short, ‘wag puro fangirling/boying ang atupagin. Don’t allow yourself to be negatively swallowed by the system. Keep calm.

There you have it! We hope we have given you guidelines how to fangirl/boy over LizQuen responsibly and with fun. Enjoy, always be grateful, and stay humble and beautiful/handsome. Always choose love.

One more thing!

Recruit your friends and loved ones, and let’s help in making the LizQuen fanmily grow bigger.


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