Fanboying Up-Close: Fist Bump with the LizQuen FanBoys


Surely we do often hear about girls who fangirl over celebrities. That’s typically evident. However, the classy and beautiful LizQuen fandom brought change over this trend as the rise of fanboys came to exist. Boys, especially grown-ups, are usually not into this kind of stuff, but it is very interesting how Liza and Quen have captured their hearts – gravitated them into a different world and a lifestyle that is so unlikely of their doing.

It was during Forevermore that the boys have expressed and claimed themselves to become LizQuen fans, but they didn’t have an official fan group back then. Months after the said show closed its curtains, the fanboys along with their advisers, Ms. Dinz Castro (@dinzcastro) and Ms. Pao Flores (@paoacflores), started a discussion about creating an official fan group for boys who are so into supporting Liza and Quen. June 8, 2015 – the LizQuen FanBoys was born, and Bro. El Scudiero (@mr_cukizNcream) was chosen to be the president. They made a noise in Twitter by using the hashtag #LQFanboysAngKakaibangSimula. Many were surprised when the boys started introducing themselves as LizQuen fans revealing their identities, but the LizQuen fandom welcomed them with open arms and tight virtual hugs.

What makes the LizQuen FanBoys kakaiba?  How are they similar and different to fangirls? Weeks ago, we were supposed to schedule a virtual interview with them, but our schedules hardly met. However, this did not stop OKayeNotes. We looked for ways to make this feature possible. We sent them the questions via email, and they were so game to supply us with answers. Let’s have a fist bump with the LizQuen FanBoys and read on!

*Statements inside the parentheses are OKayeNotes’ responses had our virtual interview pushed through.

On Fanboying…

OKayeNotes: Usually diba ang boys ang kahiligang gawin ay maglaro ng basketball o di kaya ng DOTA? Paano kayo nahilig sa pagfafanboy?

LQFB: Relate kami kay Quen. Yung ginagawa niya para kay Liza ay nagawa namin sa misis/girlfriend namin.

(That’s so sweet!)

OKayeNotes: Alam po ba ng asawa o girlfriend niyo ang pagfafanboy niyo? Ano naman po ang sabi nila?

LQFB: Yes, and okay lang sa kanila.

(Mabuti naman po kung ganun. How supportive of them!)

OKayeNotes: Ano naman po ang hinding-hindi niyo malilimutan na pangyayari sa pagfafanboy niyo?

LQFB: Bumili sa girl store para lang ma meet & greet si Liza. Hahahaha!

(Hahahaha! Ang cute niyo naman po!)

OKayeNotes: Magbigay ng paboritong linya sa Forevermore at Dolce Amore.

LQFB: Sa Forevermore, Pucha naman Agnes!”. Sa Dolce Amore, “Buongiorno”.

(Galing naman po!)

On feeling kilig…

OKayeNotes: Kinikilig din po ba kayo? Ano po ang nagpapakilig sa inyo?

LQFB: Definitely! Yung moves ni Quen na naalala namin ang pinaggagawa namin sa misis o girlfriend namin.

(Oh, yes! Quen is just the sweetest.)

OKayeNotes: Kapag kinikilig ang mga fangirls, ang usual na ginagawa nila ay tumitili, nanghahampas ng katabi, nagtatatalon, at parang wala sa sarili. Kayo po ba, paano kayo kiligin?

LQFB: Hinahagkan or mag kiss kay misis o girlfriend.

(Naks! Iba po talagang kiligin ang fanboys. Napapalambing sa misis o girlfriend.)

On the love for LizQuen…

OKayeNotes: Sa lahat ng loveteams ngayon, bakit po LizQuen?

LQFB: Yung moves ni Quen is a typical guy in-love. Di showbiz.

(That is definitely true!)

OKayeNotes: Liza and Quen are both blessed to have projects and endorsements, paano po niyo naipapakita ang suporta niyo para sa dalawa?

LQFB: We’re professionals so we support in financial terms.

(Awwe. That’s so thoughtful of you.)

OKayeNotes: Ano naman po ang handang gawin ng LizQuen FanBoys para sa LizQuen?

LQFB: Anything that we can carry-on.


OKayeNotes: Of course lahat po tayo pinagppray ang forever ng dalawa. Aside dun, ano ang hinihiling niyo sa Panginoon para sa kanila?

LQFB: (One of the boys answered) Sa akin, I’m praying that Quen can reach the level I’m at with my wife. Yung tanggap mo lahat dahil mo siya. In married life kasi, di maiiwasan ang misunderstanding, and when you don’t understand anymore, just choose love. It’s what I always do.

(Tama po kayo. Ipagppray po talaga natin yan for Quen and for Liza na rin.)

OKayeNotes: Hanggang kailan po magiging andiyan ang LizQuen FanBoys para sa LizQuen?

LQFB: Forever kasi naniniwala kami sa forever.

(May forever nga naman talaga.)

On LizQuen’s Future…

OKayeNotes: Sa inyong sariling opinyon, anong taon dapat ikasal ang LizQuen? Bakit po?

LQFB: 6 plus years from now para may maturity and experience being a couple.

(Maturity is indeed a need for a relationship to last forever.)

OKayeNotes: Ilan po naman ang masu-suggest niyo na dapat maging anak nila?

LQFB: 2-4 will do.

(Kung sa bagay po, magaganda naman lahi nila kaya the more the merrier. Hahaha!)

OKayeNotes:  Magbigay po ng pwedeng ipangalan sa magiging mga anak nila.

LQFB: (One of the boys answered) Alexander Xandros. Yun kasi name ng anak ko. Hehe!

 (Naks! Forevermore inspired.)

On the LizQuen FanBoys being kakaiba…

OKayeNotes:  Ano po ang kakaiba sa LizQuen FanBoys?

LQFB: We are not gays & fame-whores.


OKayeNotes: Magbigay po ng isang hugot line sa pagfafanboy.

LQFB: Nagmahal ka dahil mahal mo, di dahil gusto mo.


OkayeNotes: Ano po ang masasabi niyong pinakamalaking achievement ng LizQuen FanBoys so far?

LQFB: Started in group chats for all boys then with other fan groups. We initiated what we call in the fandom #LizQuensUnite.

(Wow! That’s fantastic!)

On heartwarming messages for co-LQ FanBoys and LizQuen…

OKayeNotes: Ano po yung message niyo para sa mga kapwa fanboys?

LQFB: Stay cool guys.

OKayeNotes: Message niyo naman po para sa LizQuen.

LQFB: We’re always here to support even if no one will.

The LizQuen FanBoys answered the questions briefly and directly to the point. Their responses may not be as long as how girls would answer, but one can clearly see and feel their sincerity and love for Liza and Quen. Their continuing goal is to help Liza and Quen realize their dream to unite the fans, with or without groups. The fandom is really so blessed to have them in the fanmily.

Oops! Wait, there’s one more…

One admirable contribution of the LizQuen FanBoys to the fandom:

Sharing guidance to all LizQuen fans by creating the code of conduct. Their desire is to share good vibes and positivism.



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