SerTen’s life after their wedding…

(Mrs. Serena Marchesa-Ibarra’s POV)

It’s been three weeks since we got married

We’ve been into places we’ve always dream

We extend our honeymoon to these places

Maldives, Hawaii, Bali and now in US…

It feels surreal; we are not in need of adjustments

We’re so comfortable enough; we really blend

He’s still very patient with me; specially these past few days

The return of my memory makes me moody, I must say…

He always takes good care of me; like a fragile vase

Every time he’s asleep, I always gaze at his handsome face

He’s so cute; his chubby built makes him the sexiest

He’s so adorable; I love him and his startling eyelashes…

Every time I woke up in the morning; he’s no longer in bed

Only to found out that breakfast is served

I always thank God for giving him to me

He’s always been the best gift I’ve longed to receive…

I carefully went closer to him; on tiptoe I walk

I gave him a tight back hug; I heard him giggle and talk

“I love you Mrs. Ibarra”, he never failed to say it to me

“I love you more Mr. Ibarra”, he face me and began kissing me gently…

(Mr. Simon Vicente Ibarra’s POV)

Now that we’re finally married; I’ll be her firefly

I’ll try to grant her wish and everything she desire

I’ll promise to be by her side for better and for worst

With everything that we’ve been through, I know I love her most…

We’ve been into places we’ve always dream

I am more than happy seeing her contented with me

I love her and everything about her

I thank God for she’s an answered prayer…

I always make sure to become the better version of me

I may not be the best husband but I’m taking it smoothly

I don’t want her to get hurt; I will never hurt her

She’s like a precious gem that I’ll take good care forever…

She may be moody at times but I understand

Maybe it’s due to memories that keep flashing on her mind

I know there’s an endless explanation about some things

But my love, I promise not to get tired about everything…

I am now preparing our breakfast; it actually became my habit

When she gave me a very tight back hug; so sweet of her indeed

“I love you Mrs. Ibarra”, I giggled a bit

“I love you more Mr. Ibarra” I face her and give her the sweetest morning kiss…


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