LizQuen Universe

Fangirls and fanboys

 Combined, a paramount of voice 

A voice to support, 

and love back and forth

Many says it's just a fandom 

Fandom for fangirling syndrome 

Yes! It's not just a fandom 

But a family that'll vanish your boredom

Why family?

 Coz, here we are supporting each other happily

 Accepting, guiding, and loving fully 

Coz we are family

We sail the ocean with puissant lace together

 In its abyss as we tether 

Coz we are family In LizQuen universe, we're here wholly

Through thick and thin

 Cliche but that's what I mean 

We stand together, helping hands 

Stronger, making new bonds 

Hoping for a very much stronger lace

 For the upcoming trials to face 

Yet here we are, still stronger

 A stronger lace becomes much longer

Choose Love

 Cause' love is what we have 

A love which is beyond the word we have 

So we always choose to love

We always love, admire, and support Hope and Quen 

No matter what, ain't fretful 'cause we can 

Support, admire and love are definitely not a dope

 Because we believe and know how to Hope.

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