Someone like Enrique Gil

Someone who’s so clever and funny

Your stress reliever when you’re unhappy

Someone who can turn your world upside down

Someone who can put a smile on your face when you frown…


Someone who’s like a real gentleman

Trying all the best he can do to respect his woman

He’s there when you needed him most

He’s willing to don a cape so you won’t feel screwed


Someone who’s family-oriented

A loving son and his siblings’ best friend

Someone who’s been so humble and kind all the time

Someone who still remains grounded despite his faultless crown…


Someone who’s been always thankful to His creator

Someone who can be your confidant and your adviser

Someone who always looks at the bright side

With him, there really has no negative vibe…


Someone who’s always grateful to his peers

Someone who’s wearing his heart on his sleeves

Someone who’s loving and as good as him

Someone who’s not perfect but real…


… Someone like Enrique Gil





















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