The word “classy” for the LizQuen fandom does not solely pertain to its members, but also to the principles they uphold as a fanmily. They follow a code of conduct that encourages everyone to always choose to be the better person. In dealing with bashers, they do not stoop down to these absurd individuals. They also behave accordingly when watching LizQuen’s guestings live. LizQuens are mindful not to smear and ruin the good reputation and image of LizQuen and the entire fandom.



Respect – a value that is often taken for granted by many, but is highly given importance in the LizQuen fandom. Liza taught the fans to respect other fandoms. Quen also exemplified the art of dedma when it comes to bashers. LizQuens do not mess around because they know that they are responsible for their actions. Whenever there’s a fandom war, it is an absolute fact that they’re not the ones who started it. They only go beast mode when the statements are already below the belt. In the end, they would remind one another to calm down and choose love.


It is fascinating to see how LizQuens are full of wit and blessed with creativity. The fandom cradles writers, composers, musicians, sketch artists, painters, and a lot more. They always choose their battles, and win through their intelligence.


Just as how generous Liza and Quen are, the fandom also exemplifies unselfishness. Fans save up to buy expensive things for Liza and Quen. Fan groups, being yayamanin, within the fandom hold games in Twitter and give away prizes. Also, the LizQuen fandom does not merely exist for itself. It reaches out to others especially to those in need. They also share their blessings by extending their help through community outreaches. They know very well that they are blessed to be a blessing. Truly, this is a fandom like no other.



Whatever projects and endorsements LizQuen have, the fans are always ready to show their full support for them. They don’t mind spending their time and money for LizQuen. In polls and voting, everyone volts in and pushes toward victory. Just recently, #PushAwardsLizQuens made it triumphantly. Also, they are always ready to defend LQ whenever the bashers have gone beyond their limits and accusations.



It is very unlikely for boys to become fond of what is commonly interesting for girls – pagfafaney as they call it. We often hear fangirling, and now fanboying has emerged too. They always find ways to support LizQuen’s projects and endorsements, even the feminine products endorsed by Liza. Isn’t it cute? It’ll be fun to know them more. How about a close-up interview? 🙂



LizQuen have not only captured the Filipino hearts, but they have also captivated the international audience. When I watched YouTube videos of LizQuen’s interviews, I’ve read comments of non-Filipino netizens claiming that they are fans, and that they really asked for video subtitles so that they could understand. That is very heartwarming.



When Dolce Amore was still airing, LizQuens were always grateful for the high ratings. When ratings kind of fluctuated a bit because of the third wheels in the story, they encouraged one another to pull it up. They are very appreciative for LizQuen’s new TVCs and good write-ups about Liza and Quen.



One of the reasons why I enjoy lurking in the LizQuen fandom is because they are so imaginative. Pictures of LizQuen are placed with very funny captions. LizQuens would imagine that Liza and Quen are already married, and that they have twins namely Enrikke Jr. and Lizzybeth. There was even one ultrasound photo with Liza’s name on it. It’s very hilarious. Keep it up because it makes the fandom alive.



True-blooded LizQuens are 101% secured with LizQuen’s relationship status. They don’t get easily affected with issues because they know that their ship is bound to sail FOREVER.










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