The LizQuen Effect on MayWard

The Pinoy Big Brother Season 7 housemates gushed over Liza Soberano when she first entered the PBB House yesterday, Sept 18, 2016. The unexpected arrival of Liza inside the house left the housemates in deep amusement over the latter’s tremendous beauty.

Everyone’s talking about Liza’s simple yet astounding beauty and about how kind, humble, sweet, sophisticated and nice she really is. They got starstruck upon seeing the No.2 of the World’s Most Beautiful Woman in the world (and no.1 in Enrique’s heart).

The live streaming of PBB via IWantTV went viral on social media stating it’s probably Pinoy Big Brother Season 7 “LizQuen Edition” since most (if not all) housemates were LizQuen fans, especially Maymay who’s being very vocal in saying & showing her admiration for Enrique and on Liza’s silent fanboy, Edward.

The live streamed video obviously showed how deep the admiration Edward has on Liza. He’s clearly mesmerized the moment he saw Liza and even went nearly beyond crazy after Liza handed him a pillow with her face printed on it and left it with her handwritten message and signature. He’s even very proud in showing the gift he received to his co-housemates and the boys were seemingly quite jealous about it. Edward’s probably one of the luckiest and happiest fanboy alive during that moment; he can’t even seize Liza’s scent left on the pillow. It was definitely so cute of him having those kind of reactions!

Maymay, on the other hand, can’t hide the resentment she’d been feeling about Edward on meeting his ultimate crush without doing anything while she is really having a hard time doing whatever Kuya wants in exchange of Enrique Gil’s appearance inside the house. The viewers witnessed how profound she was in meeting Liza Soberano’s love team and rumored boyfriend, Enrique (whom Maymay calls Querien). Her genuine reactions clearly show how in-love she is with the most sought-after actor of today’s generation. Every now and then she’d feel restless—up, down, rolls down the floor, screams and jumps—even only upon hearing Querien’s voice, seeing his picture and standee. And now that Kuya finally grants her wish in meeting Querien, will she able to handle the intense kilig she has for him?

I guess everyone’s really excited to witness on Primetime the gorgeous gal’s entrance inside the PBB house and when the ultimate Quenatic finally meets her ultimate idol. It must surely be a riot! Hehe

Liz stay tuned-in PBB for more updates! Quen’t really wait to watch it!


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