Of Dream Boards and Waiting

Photo Source: http://www.pinterest.com

I like the thought: There are many paths to the same summit. Many ways to achieve the ultimate goal. A hundred words to form a paragraph. And, a thousand strokes to complete a masterpiece.

It’s been eight months now since I endeavored to pursue one of my dreams. It’s been my dream since childhood, so I grabbed the opportunity of earning a stable income to support it. There was, however, a risk involved—I had to wait at least until November this year to earn it.

Pretty demanding, isn’t it? But, I took the risk of waiting for something uncertain. After all, I wanted it as well.

Now, I turn to question whether it is really worth the wait. Is it really what I want? Sometimes looking back to the annals of time can help clear our minds and sweep our hearts clean of unnecessary thoughts.

Looking back, I find that the job isn’t what I really wanted—it was merely a tool, a pathway to my ultimate goal. And, there certainly are a lot more ways for me to achieve that dream.

This realization’s a hard blow on me. But, if I have the power to turn back time, I might as well wait still. Waiting provided me the incomparable benefits entailed in the school of faith—a strong heart, a firmer resolve, and improved skills.

“Right now, you may not be where you intend to be, but it’s where you need to be in order to get where you want to go.” Steven Aitchison

So, if ever you find yourself in the same situation, look back and reap the benefits to the end. Use them as arrows for a bull’s-eye. Cheers!

~by OKaren


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