Of Living and the Good Life

Perhaps we just fail to really realize how fleeting life is—the reason we pine over an ambition, trade family ties for a marriage, or promise a beautiful tomorrow to a beloved. Overlooking vivid reality for a vague future. These were my thoughts last December 31st of 2015; it’s amazing how they still ring true today.

How many days in a year do we exactly have? The answer: we don’t know. Death’s just around the corner, and we don’t know who it’ll take next. It is inevitable, and it does not know time. It does not care about status or gender or race. It knows no one. However, we go through life each day simply recognizing its existence but not entirely considering its possible impact. Well, who would want to consider the fact that one day—whether we like it or not—we’d run out of oxygen, our heartbeat would stop, and the life we once were would be reduced to memories in the hearts and minds of who knows who. A vapor.

“Live life to the fullest,” says a random stranger. Go all out. Give life the best that you got. Face your fears, and live your dreams. And for this reason, I think, we are daily faced with a fork in the road—a sorting of our priorities: the choice of whom we should love, the choice of to whom or what we should devote our time, the choice of whom or what we should give less attention to.

Well, whatever or whoever we choose, may it be done in constancy and free will. Not everyone may receive our full attention. Not everyone may be pleased with our decisions. But, hopefully everyone we get acquainted with will receive the same goodness that we so willingly give the ones we love best.

Life’s not a spinning wheel of fancies. It is neither a roller coaster of whims. So, live life and be good—it is the good life.


~by OKaren



2 thoughts on “Of Living and the Good Life

  1. This is SO true. If only we used death as a reminder eh? Death appears morbid and our society is infatuated with immortality. Tasty kernels of wisdom here. So glad I discovered your page! Cheers! 🙂

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