What have I to do with love

When my love has died?

Can it bring back the life that’s gone?

Can it immortalize?

My Annabel Lee is dead;

So is my Juliet.

Along with her, my dreams are lost;

Along with her, they’re dead.

What can this poor mortal do

When he’s lost his heart?

The blood no longer circulate;

The body lost its part.

Oh! But “Love, take heart,” said she,

“Don’t dare lose your self.

The vanity that death can bring

Can hurt your future self.

Live despite the odds, my love;

Live a whole new life.

The life we lived was beautiful;

Here, I return your heart.

Live free; laugh your heart out loud—

Know that it’s all right.

Tomorrow is a better day;

There is a Greater Love.”


~by OKaren