Because of Dolce Amore, I…

  1. …learned how hashtags work in Twitter. I created my Twitter account in 2010, but I honestly didn’t know the purpose of HT’s until I saw and tried using Dolce Amore hashtags. I then started reading tweets about DA. The first time I tweeted for DA was last April. Ang saya pala.
  2. …found out how big the LizQuen fandom is. The term “fandom” was totally an alien for me in the past years. I didn’t even know such word exist. I’m definitely not the type of person who gets involved with fan clubs simply because it’s not in my line of interest. Things changed for me when LizQuen came. I’ve seen them on “She’s the One”, but I haven’t paid attention to them yet. I got to officially notice them on “Forevermore”, but I did not follow their TV appearances back then. I was busy with other stuff. I only knew of their movies through commercials, and got to watch “Just the Way You Are” and “Everyday, I Love You” when I was given soft copies of both films. I also learned about Dolce Amore in the news. Upon knowing that LizQuen take the lead roles, I really waited for it to begin. Wanting to secure replays of episodes, a friend led me to the fan page TATAK LizQuen – Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. I learned that a lot of people love LizQuen. I am amazed with their dedication and undying support for them. I also admire how they take care of their reputation knowing that it would reflect on LizQuen. Since last April of this year, I started to follow LizQuen’s guesting’s, shows, and their journey to forever as a couple. I even watched Youtube videos of LizQuen interviews and compilations to catch up. Glad to have found this awesome and enthusiastic fandom. LizQuen is the love team that is nearest to perfection, I suppose. The LizQuen fandom is certainly going to sail FOREVER.
  3. …spend more time often in Twitter than Facebook. I haven’t changed my profile picture in Facebook since April. My friends thought I stopped using Facebook because I haven’t posted in months. I enjoy reading tweets on Dolce Amore and watching video clips I haven’t seen before.
  4. …became possessive of the remote control. TV Patrol pa lang, I hide it inside my pocket to make sure no one steals it from me.
  5. …no longer set appointments beyond 7:00 p.m. I don’t want to be late in watching DA. I’ll only resume my evening activities after the grand finale of DA.
  6. …wrote poems and discovered that a songwriter lies within me. There were DA episodes that made scenes linger in my mind. In the middle of the night, I wrote Dolce Amore inspired poems. There was one evening that I couldn’t stop thinking about “Timon, nagbibigay direksyon”, and a tune kept playing inside my head. I told myself, “I have to write this song.” After hours of brainstorming on the lyrics, I was able to write the first two lines of “Timon” at 12:15 a.m., and finished the entire song at 3:00 p.m. Of course, I slept from 12:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. to refresh my thoughts. I never tried composing before that’s why I felt so accomplished when I finished it. Thank you, DA for the inspiration.
  7. …almost got bumped by a car when I crossed the highway because I was in a hurry to go home. I came from an event that time and it was already 8:30 p.m. Good thing my sister was able to pull me real quick. My mom doesn’t know about me risking my life for a teleserye.
  8. …got scolded several times for screaming, jumping, and hitting objects and people because of SerTen’s sweet and kilig moments. Oftentimes, I find it difficult to separate LizQuen from SerTen when the scenes call for lambingan. (Favorite kilig episode: #DolceAmoreHHWW).
  9. …literally cried on heartbreaking scenes. I’ve never experienced this before. Dolce Amore is the only Filipino teleserye that made my tears come out. The artists are just so brilliant that they made me believe that their characters exist in reality. The way they breathe into each character is remarkable.
  10. …have done the craziest thing ever. One of the reasons why I quitted my training to become a regular employee in a particular company was because the working hours would hit DA schedule. I couldn’t afford to miss an episode. I opted to stay home and apply for work online. Online jobs have higher pay so it’s fine. It’s ridiculous, I know! #ChooseLoveOverJob Hahaha!
  11. …love weekdays more than weekends. The weekender episodes make you badly Monday to come quickly. I get bored on weekends because I’ve got nothing to look forward to throughout the day.
  12. …became paranoid of brownouts. #DolceAmoreFirefLIEs was the episode I wasn’t able to watch on TV because of brownout caused by heavy rainfall. Nagkasunog pa sa kalapit na barangay. Being so desperate not to miss an episode, I called my sister who was on vacation at my grandparents’ house, and told her to place the cellphone near the television so that my mom and I could listen to Dolce Amore. Radio lang ang peg namin nun.
  13. …love LizQuen even more. They’ve proven to be more than just good looks. Their level of acting is of high caliber. I love the way they have given life to Serena and Tenten, especially in giving distinctions among their 3 versions from book 1 to book 3. Liza’s Italian sounds very legit. Their attack to every scene is unique and totally convincing. ACTING AWARDS FOR THESE TWO, PLEASE.
  14. …changed my caller ringtone to “Your Love” by Juris. The song always reminds me of SerTen moments. #LSS
  15. …dream to be under the tutelage of Sir Mark Angos in scriptwriting and to learn from the excellent director, Direk Mae Cruz-Alviar. I’m not usually a fan of Filipino teleseryes nowadays because they often revolve around the same plot, that’s why I prefer watching Korean dramas. However, Dolce Amore captured my heart to the fullest. One of the reasons why I love DA is because its plot consists of multi-layered conflicts. I’m excited how the knots are going to be untangled, and eventually show the connection of the characters and events that had happened. I also admire the story’s unpredictability because it compels its viewers to hang on. One doesn’t know what to expect in the next episode. The script is creatively and profoundly written that one must really take heed when the characters throw their lines. I am also in awe of how the camera is framed to capture beautiful scenes and the characters’ emotions. It is very commendable to see how everyone in the team shows burning passion in their craft to give us a great show each night. Everything is just wow. DA truly deserves high ratings and awards.


Are you a Dolce Amore-holic too? 😀



  1. I am a certified Dolce Amore-holic, I can’t get over yet for everyday hashtag. I missed using it and I always watched kilig replays episodes and videos online. Thank you for all your write-ups about DA relatable much for us.


  2. I can relate perfectly to this author. I also experienced the same things that’s written here. Also a first time fangirl of a lovable loveteam of LizQuen. I live here in California and works from 9:30 to 6 pm in a skilled nursing facility. I wake up early to start looking for the early upload of DA which is usually at 8 am coz I bought a TFC box so I have a better chance of watching it early than the regular schedule which is nightime. It has been my routine and DA has been my inspiration going to work every morning. I’m a mom and my daughters are just surprised how I became a serious fan of LQ. It was the first time I saw a tandem that perfectly complement each other, in attitude, looks, talents, interests and values and their kilig factor is so genuine and natural . I saw it alll from FM to DA. How can you not love them when you see purity and sincerity in their blossoming relationship? I for one believes that LizaQuen is already for real and let’s just pray for the best for them.


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