They are both…

  1. Beautiful inside and out. It is undeniable that Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil (LizQuen) are two of the most beautiful faces in the showbiz industry today. This fact is not only recognized by local celebrities, but also more amazingly by international personalities. Their lovely physical appearance provides refreshment to everyone. When I first saw them together on screen, my first impression was “Gosh! They look like human versions of Barbie and Ken.” A lot of people would often say that when heaven poured out good looks, they’re the only ones who were awake. Funny, but seems true. Beyond all the appreciation of their stunning countenance and flawless physique, it is their humble hearts that I am mostly attracted to. One does not necessarily need to be with them to experience their humility. People who are close to them testify it, and their interviews prove it. They always think of others before their own. They also love their fans like family and teach them to respect other fandoms. No wonder a lot of people love them so much. I may not have seen them yet in person, but I believe in the sincerity of their hearts. What you see in them is what you truly get.
  2. Multi-talented. Talking about talents, LizQuen are both definitely total performers. Singing, dancing, acting – name it and they won’t let you down. That’s what makes them multi-talented. One can see how passionate they are in their craft. After having watched their teleseryes and movies, I’ve seen how they have grown as artists. It is very evident that these two have great potentials in the entertainment industry. Their acting is so genuine that viewers can feel their hearts. Whatever character is given to them, they are able to give justice to the role, and portray it VERY WELL. It would not be surprising if one day they would be internationally acclaimed and famous.
  3. Destined for each other. “Destiny” and “Forever” – two words that perfectly fit LizQuen’s phenomenal love story. When Quen’s dad passed away in 2008, little did he know that in the same year, the person he is meant to spend the rest of his life with arrived in the country. Someone left, but someone came. However, they were to meet few years later. It was in 2013 when destiny’s subtle work between these two hearts started to become apparent. Destiny paved the way for them from Quen’s cameo appearance in “Must Be Love” (2013) where he accidentally bumps into Liza to playing as best friends in “She’s the One” (2013) to “Forevermore” (2014-2015) where they acted as legendary lovers set in a strawberry farm. In the duration of “Forevermore” the isolation in the mountains drew them closer to becoming real-life best friends. Their friendship grew deeper until love eventually found them. The next set of projects (“Just the Way You Are”, Everyday I Love You”, and “Dolce Amore”) provided them the avenue to know each other even more. Now, they are enjoying what they have while waiting for the approval of Liza’s family for them to become official. When that time comes, the road to forever surely has a lot of things in store for them.
  4. Family-oriented. In almost all of their interviews, they would always make mention of how their respective families are important to them. Even in their love life, their loved ones are still in the picture. They’re both loving children to their parents and caring siblings. As some would say, you can define a man’s character by how he treats the women in his family. Seeing how Quen is toward his mom and sister, Liza is just so blessed to have him. He surely is worth for keeps. Quen is blessed as much as well to have her. Liza is so kind, generous, and loving to her family and friends. Such great and perfect combination.
  5. Smart. When LizQuen are asked questions on issues concerning them, they always answer with straightforwardness and maturity. They think things through first before saying something. They are very careful and discerning. When something’s meant to be private, it remains private. What could be shared to the public is revealed. That’s simply how they handle things considering that they are public figures.
  6. Patient and obedient. In every interview they had, they were always asked about the real score between them. Amidst all the public pressures, they remained to be consistent in their answers. They’re just waiting for the right time and for the “go signal” of Liza’s family. Both of them respect and obey this decision. Waiting is the hardest thing to do, but BEST THINGS come to those who are patient to do so. Quen waited for Liza to turn 18 before he could officially court her. Now that the lovely maiden has come of age, the fine, young man has to wait few years more for the “yes” and for her to be really ready for a serious relationship. The time in waiting is a great opportunity for them to grow and mature as individuals. A love that is sown in patience will surely blossom perfectly in the right time. Everyone’s looking forward to the day that LizQuen become an official couple – the day when the entire LizQuen fandom throws a big celebration of love.
  7. Inspiring. People from all ages and walks of life are drawn and have fallen in love with them. Poems, songs, and blogs are beautifully written, artworks are exceptionally done – these and a lot more are created having LizQuen as inspiration.
  8. Exemplary. The most admirable action LizQuen exemplify is involving their families in establishing a romantic relationship. It is seldom nowadays that young people make their parents known about them having relationship with someone. Oftentimes, they keep things in secret that’s why they’re not properly guided. A faithful man’s intentions are known by the respect he shows toward the girl’s family. Quen having a good relationship with Liza’s family is very commendable. He deserves a round of applause. Liza is also well-loved by Quen’s family. May the youth follow LizQuen’s way in getting into a relationship.
  9. Hard working. LizQuen work very hard for each of their families and for their future as well. Their co-actors in Dolce Amore testified how they are so dedicated with what they are doing. Photos of them memorizing the script and internalizing their characters show how much they love acting and how professional they are.
  10. Bound to sail FOREVER. They made us believe in FOREVER because they found it themselves. Both of them hope that what they have now will be forever. In the Fast Talk with Boy Abunda, Quen was asked with whom he will do his last dance. He said that it will be with Liza and that his family will be there watching. He is very certain that Liza is God’s answer to his prayers. Liza, on the other hand, may not yet be vocal with her love for the young man, but her actions transcend words. It is very obvious that these two are so in love with each other whether it be on-screen or off-cam. Bashers would say that their sweet gestures are for promo. I STRONGLY DISAGREE. THEY’RE SO GENUINE AND HONEST. I’m looking forward to the day when they become official, but I’m more excited for wedding bells to toll for them. Forgive me for being so futuristic. I just can’t help it when it’s about them.

“When love finds you, it doesn’t come with crashing waves or thunderbolts. It appears in a song on the radio or a particular blue in the sky. It dawns on you slowly, like a warm winter sunrise – where the promise of summer shines out from within.” – Lang Leav (an excerpt from HOPE)

“When two souls fall in love, there is nothing else but the yearning to be close to the other. The presence that is felt through a hand held, a voice heard, or a smile seen.” – Lang Leav (an excerpt from SOULS)


11 thoughts on “TOP 10 THINGS TO LOVE ABOUT LizQuen:

  1. Indeed true! Lizquen is my OTP bcoz I’ve seen dos qualities thru dr interviews.. Tho did not meet them in person.


  2. Just how detailed and on point you have described LizQuen. Your wit has made you somehow excellent in what you do and yet this is just one of them. Keep yourself to be at your best and remain to be where you could explore beyond!!!! Good luck and thanks for this article. Luv to share it.


  3. i think all LQ fans feel the same thing as u did but it’s only you have expressed why we should love and know LQ.thanks for this script.mabuhay ang LizQuen.


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