1. Of course, the top reason would be because LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil) take the lead roles. They’re not just any ordinary love team; they’re beyond what they’re called. LizQuen never fail to convey their respective characters’ emotions. They provide 50% REEL and 50% REAL kilig to the viewers of Dolce Amore. The kind of love these two have on-screen and off-cam is not the puppy love that we often see. Their definition of love is taken to a different and more mature level. It is good to note that as young as they are, they are able to deliver their lines with depth, and portray whatever the script calls for. They also handle heavy scenes perfectly that the emotions affect the viewers. They have apparently given distinctions between the old and new version of Serena and Tenten. Local and international awards certainly await them. They’re not only gifted, but they are also gorgeous and grounded. Two thumbs up!
  2. The plot is unpredictable and it makes the story more interesting and exciting. Although a lot of viewers got disappointed with Serena’s amnesia thinking that it’s cliché, it actually turns out that it is a blessing in disguise. If Serena did not happen to have amnesia, the transition to book 2 would have not been that smooth. Serena could have been forced to move on and marry Gian Carlo. Her anger to Tenten could have prevented her from coming back to the Philippines and resolve the issue with her amore. Tenten, on the other side of the world, could have chosen to do the same and live all his life in guilt without getting the chance to know that he and Serena have been played upon by destiny and by the people they love, and that he has every right to fight his love for her. Now, the unraveling and deepening of each character in the story is giving the audience the chance to know how each one is related to another. Plot twists are certainly to be looked out for.
  3. The head writer and his co-writers deserve a big round of applause for creating lines that best suit each character and scene. One cannot afford to miss any single line so as to avoid from getting off-track. There are lines that have underlying profundity, and it takes keenness to notice and to be curious about what they could possibly mean.
  4. Symbolic figures are used.The usage of alitaptap, signs of true love (babagal ang ikot ng mundo, aawit ang mga ibon, at magliliwanag ang madilim mong paligid), and Serena’s dress color in book 2 is very subtle, yet significant.
  5. The artists chosen are tailor-fit for the characters they portray. I couldn’t imagine their roles being played by somebody else, especially Serena’s, Tenten’s, Gian Carlo’s, and Luciana’s part.
  6. The director has brought out the best in every actor and actress in the show. The artists’ acting is neither under nor over. The blend is just perfect for the heavy and light scenes.
  7. It is the ONLY teleserye so far that has given trauma to its viewers and makes them argue whether a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ scene is an imagination or not. 
  8. It has drawn audience from all walks of life. It is funny to note that some base their actions depending on what happens in the episode. For example, I’ve read a tweet before that the manager would treat his staff if TenGel would break up. I wonder if the staff really had their shares of TenGel’s breakup.
  9. It makes its viewers to rush home from work and school just because they don’t want to be late. It’s agonizing when you’re not yet home and it’s already 8:00 p.m. If an episode is missed, one surely makes way to watch replay.
  10. It showcases the beauty of Italy, the place per se and the language. It also promotes some tourist destinations here in the Philippines.

BONUS: Dolce Amore is undeniably a top-rating show.