A Collection of Poetry and Prose


Launched in January 2016, OKN caters to the literary and personal interests of all age groups. The authors enjoy reflecting, reading, watching shows/films and writing about anything under the sun. This is OKayeNotes, a collection of poetry and prose. Thanks for stopping by!

~OKaren and The Blue Fiddler

Meet the Authors


okayenotes logoOKaren

I enjoy learning and gaining new skills, especially those that can help me achieve my full potential both as a person and as a writer. Poetry, music, and all things beautiful attract me the most. I love all shades of red, and would love to be surrounded by cherry blossoms.


okayenotes logoThe Blue Fiddler

I love socializing with friends and spending quality time with my family. Blue is my favorite color, and I have been playing the violin since high school. Music fascinates me. And, I believe that dreams do come true.